Let Go And Bend Like The Bamboo

imagePERHAPS the most damaging attitude that one can have is not knowing how to dance with the tune and tempo of life, especially in hard and critical time. The old adage, “Bend like the bamboo so that your back will not break,” is really a food for thought that one should imbibe in his consciousness. Life is a sacred dance that when movements are truly coordinated and the steps are in the harmony with one another, the essence of graciousness can touch one’s soul and life becomes a celebration. Our life is what we make it, a saying goes. If you want your life to be tranquil and have the prize of peace of mind, it can be yours. But if you want your life to be frantic by toeing the line of rat-race and roller coaster, then it can also be yours. For the choice of what kind of life we want lies in our hand.
In this time of busyness, and demanding era, there is one thing that one should bear in mind. “When things get too much, just let go. Releasing is sometimes the best way to cope with life’s pressure. That is to bend in surrender. Losing does not have to mean the end. As long as you know when to acknowledge defeat, to bow gracefully and wait for happier times, the day will eventually come when you can prevail, then you can enjoy your victory in splendour. Every time you fall down on your face, a valuable lesson is imprinted onto your mind teaching you what not to do wrong the next time. Experience becomes failure cause you loss, but the lessons learned are invaluable. Learn even as you fail.”
Feeling guilty on what has already happened or clinging to the bitterness of the past, doesn’t bring you nowhere. Instead, of moving forward to attain a better tomorrow, it will put us in the rut and paralyze our being. The past should be left behind, especially when the memories it bring only evoke sadness and pain. It is better to come to terms with the now, the reality for the sake of oneself. In the book, “A Time To Be Free,” the author has his own way of letting go by evoking these thoughts: “The past is now behind me. I have come to terms with yesterday and have no fear of tomorrow. My thoughts and energies are directed to the present this place, this day, this moment. Today I neither turn my back on the past nor revisit it morbidly or needlessly .Because I view my previous life from a new vantage point. It has no longer has the power to harm or haunt me. On the contrary, my past has become one of the most valued assets. Certainly it is a storehouse of useful information which can help me to make new connections and to heighten my self-awareness. If I remember the bitterness and confusion of the past, it is unlikely that I’ll ever have to live that way again. Moreover, those memories can aid me in keeping present adversities in perspective; few things these days are as serious as they first might seem. Because of my past experiences, I have become a more understanding and emphatic person. I can often identify with the pain, life-struggles, and unresolved problems of my fellows and perhaps be of service,. From this day on, I won’t allow the past to dominate the present.”
Let’s not squander our time and energy on things we can’t change for it only irritates our being and hinders our way to enjoy a fruitful and blissful living. Instead, after all the effort we have done and nothing good comes out of it, let it go and go with the flow and leave it to God. And when we let go, the struggle ends. Balance in our own chemistry will be at hand and we will keep on moving onward like the water in the river.

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Feel Freer Today Than Yesterday

imageHave you tried asking yourself some questions before going to bed like: “What did I do today? Was I free from worry or fear, free to be by myself, free to say ‘no’ to things I don’t want to do, free to say what I mean and not afraid to bear my soul? Am I celebrating the beauty of life in its true essence?”
There is one person in this side of the hemisphere who feels that if there is one truest essence of life, it is when you feel the sense of empowerment that allows you to speak your mind and stand up for your rights and desires. “Freedom After 50” author Sue Patton Thoele claims that she has found the true essence of life by acquiring an increased sense of awareness of her inherent strength, an expanded of self worth, and a willingness to take risks.”
Thoele realizes that the dragon voices of doubt and fear when allowed to wallow in our minds can dominate us and hamper our growth, thus, sap the juice of our self confidence. Along this line, she outlines some ways for us to earn our right to live a life of our own, a life laced with gracious acceptance not controlled or dictated by what other people would think.
  • Grace each moment with gratitude. We must bear in mind that nothing lasts forever. Neither sorrow nor joy. Each moment emanates the precious gift of life, every moment, no matter how dark or light, is a moment worthy of gratitude. To fill our lives with grace, we need to kiss our joys as they gently fly into our hearts, and so do the sorrow that we experienced. Giving thanks for sorrows and pains is more easily done when we explore our soul and can learn from that experience. When we truly give thanks in all the things that we experienced, joy is our daily guest, and sorrows flee more quickly more than we could imagine.
  • Treat health as wealth. “Be compassionate,” the native American teacher White Eagle once remarked. Refrain from any condemnation or criticism because these are emotions which sow seeds of disharmony in the physical body. Take care, be kind to your sister body, who is your servant and needs your love and wisdom. White Eagle’s reminders also reveal that caring for our body includes not only what we do with it and what goes into it, but also hose thoughts that emanate from it. All are important for maintaining and enjoying the abundant blessing of life.
  • Dodge other people’s anger. Learning to control our anger is tough, so why in the world do we often step in front of another person’s? enough is enough! Let’s get out of the way. As we move out of range, anger thrown at us will boomerang back to the senders, allowing them to figure out their own feelings. This is indeed an evading maneuver that is absolutely an essential technique in not wasting our energy on people who are not worth our salt, so to speak.
  • Ask for what I want and need. Imagine for a minute that we are standing at the Pearly gates presenting our life’s ledger to Saints Peter. Across the top as two columns headings:
  1. Giving others what they want and need
  2. Asking for (and getting) what I want and need
My bet is that no matter how adept she becomes at asking for what she wants and needs, at the end of her life, a typical woman’s ledger will be over balanced in favour of number one.

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Laughing In The Midst Of A Strong Storm With Strong Faith

imageIT is a known fact that the human being is the only creation on earth who has the gift to laugh. Medical knowledge points out that humor is one therapy that can assuage the pain and depression when one undergoes storms in life. It’s because humor releases endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are stimulated by positive emotions. Humor goes hand-in-hand with a strong faith in one’s heart especially when tragic things happen in life. Because people who lack faith in meeting their crisis and are not gifted with humor deal life’s problems with anger and hostility as they face the world.
People who lack faith are easily agitated and irritated. They are touchy, they are easily provoked to anger and are slow to see amusement in life’s negative experiences. This is the observation of Robert H. Schuller, in his book,"Tough-Minded Faith for Tender-Hearted People."
Some people may find it weird when someone laughs or is amused at the middle of a crisis in life. But Schuller looks at this kind of thinking in another perspective. He says: “Humor is part of the healing process. It is not irrelevant to welcome comedy in the middle of tragedy. It is God’s design to relax the tension of grief. Humor in times of horrific hurt will contribute to the healing and comfort so desperately needed in times of despair.”
Humor goes along fine with faith because they are the two faces of a coin. Schuller has this to say: “Faith bears all things. What do you do when you trust someone, and let you down. Faith allows through on your part of the bargain. When someone leave you stranded, not sharing part of the burden? Faith carries on without them.
According to Schuller, faith is an inner conviction. It is an unshakable assurance. It is the profound knowing that comes before reality confirms it. The person who walks with faith, no matter how small it might be, even if it is as small as a mustard seed can detach himself from negative scenarios. He knows he can do it with God’s help. Deep down in his heart, he knows it will work out.
There was a story, as related by Schuller, while he was walking along the beach in Hawaii. He noticed two native Hawaiians in the shallow surf. They held a little screen between them, which they where shacking back and forth. He walked over to them and inquired, “What are you looking for?” They named a little ocean creature that he never heard of. He watched them pick a little beetle off the screen and put it in a can with several others. Then they casually discarded several attractive seashells. “You threw away some pretty seashells,” he exclaimed. They looked at him incredulously, but answered perfectly by saying, “You can’t catch fish with shells, but with these beetles, we catch big fish, food for our family.”
What then is the implication of the story. Schuller has this explanation: “Faith is the fine art of compromising wisely. Shells are trivials. They are pretty but not life-supporting. Fish is basic. It is food to sustain health and strength. There is always danger of being distracted from the basics of life being attracted to the trivial.”
Life is a matter of laughing up the storm in life with faith. In this vein, to make your day sunny and light, here’s some wise thought to say in one’s heart, according to Schuller: “Today, I will resolve to bring laughter to life. I can always purchase balloons, blow them up, and watch children laugh as I release that balloons to sail off to the little hands of the child. Today, I’ll prove to the world “I’m a believer and I’ll laugh a lot.”
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Cooperate With The Inevitable

inevitableIF ever there is one prayer that should serve as an anchor in our daily living it should be this beautiful prayer written by Dr. Reinhold Neibuhr. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”
As we walk along the lanes of life, we cannot avoid the inevitable or the scenarios that are beyond our control. They may be unpleasant or painful. But what counts most is on how we react to them. We have the choice. Either we shout to high heavens why these things are happening or we just keep mum and remind ourselves that there must be a reason for all these.
William James, a philosopher, consoles himself by having this thought in his mind: “Be willing to have it so. Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.”
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”
Dale Carnegie, interprets unpleasant happenings in life, in this manner, in his book, “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living,” by saying: “As you and I march across the decades of time, we are going to meet a lot of unpleasant situations that are so. They cannot be otherwise, we have our choice. We can either accept them, or we can ruin our lives with rebellion and maybe end up with a nervous breakdown.” Obviously, circumstances alone do not make us happy or unhappy. It is the way we react to circumstances that determines our feelings. We can all endure disaster and tragedy and triumph over them, if we have to. We may not think we can, but we have surprisingly strong inner resources that will see us through if we will only make use of them. We are stronger than we think.”
Some of us may have low threshold of patience and tolerance for this. Carnegie has this say: “I am advocating that we simply should not bow down to all the adversities that come our way. Not by a long shot! That is mere fatalism. As long as there is a chance that we can save the situation let’s fight! But when common sense tells us that we are up against something that is so and cannot be otherwise, then in the name of our sanity let’s not look before and after and pine for what is not.”
J.C. Penney, founder of the nation-wide-chain of Penny has this guiding thought when worries seemed to drain his energy: “I wouldn’t worry if I lost every dollar I have because I don’t see what is to be gained by worrying. I do the best job I possibly can, and leave the results in the laps of the gods. ”While K.T. Keller, the president of the Chrysler Corporation, had his own way of handling things when sailing was rough: “When I am against a tough situation, if I can do anything about it, I do it. If I can’t, I just forget it. I never worry about the future, because I know no man can possibly figure out what is going to happen in the future. There are so many forces that will affect that future. Nobody can tell what prompts those forces or understand them. So why worry about them!”
Though it is but natural that we can’t help but worry when unpleasant things happen, but for the good of our being may be we can teach ourselves to learn to face the inevitable right on its face.

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Tips To Deal Life With Positive Affirmation

imageDo you want to have a happy, vibrant, and prosperous life? If yes, take note of this: use positive affirmations daily. Change your thoughts and you will change your life.
Positive power is a journey into a world of happiness. Brother Craig, the author of the book, “Positive Power,” confesses that positive thinking had a great result in his life. He says: “Positive thinking had made me more confident, giving me more energy, and enthusiasm, and helped me to strive, to achieve great things in order to help many people.”
People are not happy, not enjoying their lives. This is the observation of Craig. He says: “They are tense and uptight. They are sad, lonely and depressed. My grandfather, who lived to be one hundred and five months, used to tell me: ‘Don’t grow old.’ I have no intension of doing that- at least not mentally or spiritually. Having a youthful attitude and to look at life at a rosy perspective, I did a great turn in my life. I listened to my grandfather’s advice.”
There are many benefits in training ourselves to look at and deal life in a positive fashion. Craig offers the following tips:
  • Stay happy and positive. It will keep you youthful. Keep your mind youthful by reading books and magazines or watching or listening on TV and radio on wholesome program that can contribute to one’s growth in a positive way. To keep one’s heart young is to exercise and get plenty of fresh air. It’s keeping you young physically and youthful in spirit.
  • Try to associate with upbeat, vibrant, health-conscious, fun people. Their aura is infectious and you too can have a share of it.
  • Before you get out of bed determine to have a great day filled with positive power, energy, and vibrant living. Say to yourself loudly these thoughts of affirmation: “I am calm, poised, and centered of Jesus Christ; and nothing can disturb the peace in my soul. Every day and every way, I get better and better, and in all ways I am guided, prospered, and blessed. I walk in paths of pleasantness, prosperity and peace. Perfect health and wealth, and true happiness are now mine. Divine substance now manifests for me in everything need, and I enjoy a rich satisfying life.”
However, always remember to give thanks to God to something you want is granted or acquired.
Let’s remember what Marcus Aurelius wrote: “the way we think affects us so much. “So let’s not think negative, depressing, dark and dreary thoughts. If you haven’t started yet, start it now.

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Life Is An Echo

imageOne cannot defy the natural law. The old adage, “What goes around comes around,” bespeaks of it. In fact, in the esoteric realm, it is synonymous with “karma.” Or as the Bible puts it: “What you sow is what you reap.”
Here’s an interesting story to demonstrate this insight. “A son and his father were walking on the mountains. Suddenly, the son falls, hurt himself and screams, ‘ahhhhh.’ To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating somewhere in the mountain, ‘ahhhhh.’ Curious he yells: ‘Who are you?’ He receives the answer: ‘Who are you?’ Angered at the response, he screams: ‘Coward!’ He receives the answer: ‘Coward!’ He looks to his father and asks: ‘What’s going on?’ The father smiles and says: ‘My son, pay attention.’ And then he screams to the mountain: ‘I admire you!’ The voice answers: ‘I admire you!’ again the man screams: ‘You are a champion!’ The voice answers: ‘You are a champion!’ The boy is surprised, but does not understand, then the father explains: ‘People call this echo, but really this is life. It gives you back everything you say or do. Our life is simply a reflection of our actions, if you want more love in the world; create more love in your heart. If you want more competence in your team, improve your competence. This relationship is applied to everything in all aspects of life. Life will give you back everything you have given it.”
This perception is also shared by another writer who says that the world is like a mirror. “If you frown at it, the world will also frown at you. If you smile, the world will also smile at you.”
The world would have been a better place for everyone if only each one of us would observe and print it in our hearts. For sure, we can make other people’s day.
In his book, “A Better Way To Live,” inspirational writer Og Mandino says: “Treat everyone you meet, friend or foe, loved one or strange, as if they were going to be dead at midnight. Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness and understanding and love that you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward… Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.”
In our hurried moments let us find time to treat the world with sunshine in our eyes and a sunny disposition to everyone we meet in the path of life. Let’s partake the beauty of life in its grandiose essence by practicing the following gestures. Starting today, greet everyone you meet with a warm smile. No matter how busy you are, take time to listen to your loved ones and to those who pour their problems in your shoulder. Lavish love on every human being you meet along the way and you will notice it will spell a lot of difference in your day.

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Enthusiasm–Your Key To Winning

imageTHE late Vince Lombardi, the famous football coach, was one of a kind who looked life with enthusiasm. Whenever he felt that his team was defeated and low-spirited, he would stand before his men, looked at them silently for a long time, and then in a quiet but tense way, he would tell them: “Gentlemen, we are going to have a great football team. We are going to win games. Get that! You are going to learn to block. You are going to learn to run. You are going to learn to tackle. You are going to outplay the teams that come against you. Get that! And how is this to be done? You are going to have confidence in me and enthusiasm for my system. The secret of the whole matter will be what goes on up here.”
He tapped his temple. “Hereafter, I want you to think only three things: your home, your religion, and the Green Bay Packers, in that order. Let enthusiasm take hold on you, beginning now. The players sat up straight in their chair. ‘I walked out of that meeting, ’said the quarterback, ‘feeling ten feet tall.” That year the team won seven games with virtually the same players who had lost ten games the year before. The next year they won a division title and the third year the world championship. Why because added to hard work and skill and love of the sport, enthusiasm made the difference.
The inspirational thought of Lombardi was the adrenalin that made his team fought against all odds in the world of sports. Norman Vincent Peale, in his book, “Treasury of Joy and Enthusiasm,” comments that what happened to the Green Bay Packers can happen to an individual. He says: Stop depreciating yourself. There is a lot that is right in you. Empty your mind of failure thoughts and mistakes and start seeing yourself as a competent person. Eliminate self-pity thoughts .Start thinking of what you have, instead of dwelling on what you may have lost. List your assets of personality and talents. Have a goal and put an achievable timetable on it. Think and practice joy every day and get enthusiasm and live enthusiastically.

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How To Make Life Easy

imageJohn Maxwell said: “We cannot choose how many years we will live, but we can choose how much life those years we will have. We cannot control life’s difficult moments, but we can choose to make life less difficult. We cannot control the negative atmosphere of the world, but we control the atmosphere of our minds. However, too often we try to choose and control things we cannot. Too seldom we choose to control what we can… our attitude.”
These insights remind us that whatever thought we entertain in our mind has an impact in our being, especially on our emotional health. I think you have heard this expression, “it’s not what you’re eating, but it’s what eating you, “further elucidates the point.
In her article, “How to Jump-start Your Emotional Health, “Patricia Wagner reports that scientists have discovered that what you’re thinking actually affects your physical health as well as your emotional health. Diseases like ulcers, indigestion, nervousness, high blood pressure and a variety of diseases can result from an injured immune system brought about by harmful thought patterns.
Here are some insights to make life easy as shared by Wagner.
  • Your emotion can tell if what you’re thinking about is really happening, or if it’s just an image in your head. Prove this to yourself by thinking back, when you watch a terrifying scene on television or in a movie, you cannot help but being terrified too. Though you knew what you’re watching isn’t actually happening.
  • Learn to develop a cheerful attitude towards life. Life can be painful, but it’s impossible to overcome. Choose to behave in a cheerful was as much as possible, even if you don’t feel like it. You may be surprise at what happens. Cheerfulness is contagious. A positive attitude towards life may help ward-off sickness. Psychology professor Sheldon Cohen of Pittsburg, USA, found out that relaxed, happy people are less prone to catch cold, than unhappy, anxious people.
  • Deal with stress as an opportunity to grow. Stress can be a killer if the body is always being bombarded with it. When we experience times of anxiety and fear, our brains release hormones as part of the “fight flight” syndrome to prepare us for dangerous situations. When this happens, our immune system becomes weak. But on the other hand, if stress is in the form of a challenge, like, working hard for a job promotion, then it can contribute to ones growth.
  • Make the right friends. Select people who are cheerful, instead of depressed ones. Let the majority of your friends are optimistic in nature. Those who have satisfying and happy social life have stronger resistance to illness.
  • Let wisdom from the world’s greatest book be your guide. Like, from the Proverbs 17:21, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up bones.”
“Stop letting what’s eating you hurt you. The thoughts you entertain should be of positive ones. If you do this, you’ll begin to enjoy life in a brand new way.”

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Declaration For A Heartful life

imageThe universe has ears. It listens to what we say and return to us whatever form of statement we utter. If we keep on complaining and whining, the same thoughts are being thrown back to us. When we experience our lives as flat and lackluster, it is our consciousness that is at fault.
That’s how Julia Cameron perceives in her book, “Blessings: Prayers and Declarations for a Heartful Life.” In every event, in every circumstance, we have a choice of perspective. Will we focus on what we see as lacking, or will we look for the new good that is emerging?
When we go with the flow with our life no matter how difficult it might be, and have faith in our hearts that everything will turn out right, then we are expressing our faith and gratitude. It is in this act that we bless the scenarios that confront us. Cameron believes to bless a difficult situation is to soften our hearts. It is in this manner that we are spiritually healed, and thus, by blessing any crisis that may come our way is like looking at it with new eyes to be able to attain a higher, more open-minded perspective. As we surrender without resistance, we open our hearts. We are no longer victimized by resentment, bitterness and anger.
Cameron cites the following perspectives for us to remind our being and to be are on the many blessings that have come our way. And for us also to give our thanks and gratitude to the Heavenly Father:
  • My freedom is the gateway to a larger life. I cherish my freedom to act, think, feel and choose as I wish. I celebrate the choice which lies for me in every moment; I accept the responsibility which comes with freedom. I embrace my liberty and use it to create an abundant and meaningful life. I recognize that the shape of my life can be largely be of my own choosing.
  • I co-create my life through conscious choice. Life is intentional, not accidental. Recognizing that I have the power to change my world by changing my thinking. I set for myself a gentle vigilance toward negative thoughts.
  • My health is a mirror to bring me clarity. In times of disease, I slow down, center myself, and focus on the blessings hidden within the circumstance. What blessing can be found by slowing down, but turning within? Disease begins as dis-ease. What can I do to ease my spirit? I open the eyes and ears of my heart to the abundant blessings of my natural world. I take my ease.
  • My life is shaped by Divine Guidance to greater beauty. I open myself to the freedom of change. I bless the changes that come to me. Trusting in change, I relax my grip on the contours of my life. I allow new beginnings. I allow alteration, accommodation, change. I hold out my hand and dance with the wind of change and bless the changeable creativity of life in its unfolding.

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imageIT is a fact that if there is one facet in life which is uncertain, it’s change. Whether we like it or not, changes occur in our lives, sometimes in the most unexpected moment.
Whatever changes occur in our lives, it is of paramount importance that we would be able to embrace it. “Book of Gold, Wise Ways to Health, Wealth and Happiness: 365 Daily Reflections to Enrich your Life” author Lilian Too, observes that not enough people think seriously about the inconstancy of life. They assume that things will never change, that circumstances will always stay as they are, until something tragic happens.
Too cites this scenario by saying: “Few of us anticipate our partner walking out on us, or being told we no longer have a job or losing a loved one forever and then it is too late. Picking ourselves up again will be that much harder for in our complacency we grow an attachment that sets the stage for intense suffering. It can lead to immobility when our lives get ripped apart.”
Dr. Trevor Powell, author of the book, “Stress Free Living,” has his own perspective too. He writes: “Changes, both big and little, sudden and gradual, affect your life from the moment you are born. You can learn to cope up with the small changes, but major life events can be stressful, because they disturb your routine and cause upheaval. If a major change occurs in your life, such as getting married or the death of someone close- a parent, child or partner- you have to rearrange the map of your life and adjust your internal circuit.”
Since being able to accept change can lead to emotional problems like depression, anger, resentment, or the inability to forgive. Powell offers the following ways to prepare oneself when changes occur.
  • Develop a positive attitude. Examine your attitude to change. Try to see it as opportunity and challenge that will make you a stronger and better person.
  • Find out as much as you can. The more information you have about the change, the more prepared you will be to deal with it, and therefore the less likely you will be to worry. Take time to think the whole matter over in a structured way, rather than worrying about details.
  • Express your feelings. Own up to your fears and excitement about the change both to friends and to yourself. Avoid thoughts based on “should,” such as “I should be used to this now.
  • Develop a plan of action. Ask yourself how you can improve the situation. Look for potential losses and gains, then look at ways maximizing the losses. Try to visualize the result you want to achieve, then work out what you need to do to get there.
  • Look after your health. It is important to eat well during periods of change. Take plenty of exercise.
  • Rally your support network. Tell your friends and family how you feel about the change
  • Don’t take on too much. Learn how to delegate and say “no” to extra daily commitments.
  • Relax. Take time out to get away from the situation and allow emotional repair.
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