Change Is The Only Permanent Thing In This World

ONE writer reminds that there’s nothing permanent in this world except change. Some of us have the notion that life would be better if the people around us or our loved one would change in their behaviour as we want them to be. But this line of thinking would be too much of an asking, especially if the person concern refuses to change.

There was a story about an old mystic who said this about himself: “I was revolutionary when I was young, and my prayer to God was, ‘Lord, give me the strength to change the world.’ As I approached middle age and realized that my life was halfway gone without  changing single soul, I changed  my prayer to, ‘Lord, give me the grace to change all those who come in contact with me, especially my family and friends, and I shall be satisfied.’ Now that I am an old man and my days are numbered, I have begun to see how foolish I have been. “If I had prayed that right from the start, I would have not wasted my life.”

It is indeed frustrating if we keep on hoping and wishing that people whom we have contact with or those whom we cross path would change in the way we want them to be. However, the key lies in this manner as perceived by Catherine Morandi, in her book, “Connectivity, Virtue in Virtual Reality." She says: “We can waste years trying to change other people, but we can only change one person- that’s ourselves. In the end, that is probably enough.”

Our attitude spells a lot of difference when we know how to adjust ourselves and accept people what they are not what we want them to be. This kind of gift not only makes life easier and harmonious but it can also be great help when scenarios in life change. Lilian Too believes that accepting change in any form, makes coping easier. She comments: “Change can creep up on you like a stealthy stranger in the night, or it can descend suddenly in a shower of midnight snow, transforming the scenery outside your bedroom window when you wake up in the morning. Change can reveal itself in slow motion or drop at your feet with aloud thud. Change can be painful. Look forward to change and accept whatever it brings, no matter what form it takes. Change is inevitable; acceptance of it makes change a lot easier to cope with.

When obstacles come your way and you feel downtrodden, too expresses this perception in her book, “Book of Gold:” “If you view obstacle, difficulty and failure you experience as a ripening of negative karma, you will find it easier not to be defeated by the doors that get slammed in your face. View every difficulty in your life as a purification of some kind, and rejoice in the knowledge that you can emerge from these manifestations of rejection as stronger, braver, and wiser person. This way you will find that moving forward becomes easier. With doors so firmly closed behind you the only way to open to you is to move resolutely forward.”

Morandi has also this reminder: “When something happens to you, good or bad, consider what it means. There’s a purpose to life’s events, to teach you how to laugh more or not to cry too hard. Disappointments are like road humps, they slow you down a bit but you enjoy the smooth roads ahead. Don’t stay on the humps too long. Move on. When you feel down because you didn’t get what you want just sit tight and be happy because God is thinking of something better to you.”

To cope up with the changes that are taking place around us, there’s nothing like imbibing this in our mind: “patience means awaiting God’s time without doubting God’s love.” And to make life easy, here’s a food for thought from Morandi: “five rules be happy: free your heart from hatred; free your mind from worries; live simply; give more expect less.”