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Affirm_Your_LifeWhat are affirmations?

Affirmations are a stated desire of a condition or thing. Constant repetition, thought or writing down of an affirmation will bring about what it is you desire. How do affirmations work?
Our subconscious does not know the difference between a truth or a lie. What it hears, it believes. What you think, it believes. What you read, it believes. It takes every “I” statement in and applies it to your own conscious belief system. The subconscious doesn’t care if it’s coming from you or not - all it realizes is the statement being presented.

Therefore, if you spend time around someone who is constantly saying “I am so miserable”, your subconscious mind listens to that statement and applies it to YOU, even if it’s not YOU saying it! Alternatively, if you are around others who boast of happiness and abundance and good health, your subconscious will soak those statements up as well, applying them to you. This is why you hear the statement “Surround yourself with positive people and you will be positive.” This is why you hear, “Avoid negative people, as they will bring you down.” Everything spoken is absorbed by your subconscious as if it belongs to you, even if it really doesn’t.

Obviously, you cannot control others or what they present to you. However, by using affirmations, you can take control of your own life by planting the seeds which you wish to be planted in your garden. You have the choice to grow your own belief system, create your own desired results, and be the person you wish to be. Affirmations can make this happen. Your dominant thoughts produce the conditions of your surroundings. What you are thinking and feeling most of the time will become what you experience. Your life will become what you affirm, through the use of repetitive, constant affirmations designed to create what you truly desire.

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