Ask and It is Given - A Self Help Book

ask and it is given If you're looking for more self help books to help improve the quality of your life then Ask and It is Given "Learning to manifest your desires" by Ester And Jerry Hicks is a book that you should have.
For almost 20 years Jerry and Esther Hicks have been presenting workshops, producing tapes and writing books to help people create the life they desire. And desire is no small word in this agenda. According to the teachings of "Abraham"--a collective name for the spiritual entities that are channeled through Esther--desire is a good and natural force within us. In fact, we are all here to fulfill our desires, according to Abraham. Yet the reason so much of us feel frustrated, is that we have difficulty knowing how to ask and receive whatever we want to be, do or have.
Who is this book written for?
If you enjoyed the best selling book and DVD "The Secret", Ask and It is Given reveals more about the "Law Of Attraction" and how it can be used to help live happier and more fulfilled lives.
What is the book about?
The first half of the book explains that in order to fully understand and appreciate the "Law of Attraction" we must first concentrate on reaching a state of happiness and joy.
Ask and It is Given explains that through recognizing and acting on our emotions, we can learn to operate on a higher frequency. Once we have become proficient in achieving this on a day-to-day basis, we can then directly influence how our lives unfold (by utilizing the powerful "Law Of Attraction")
The second half of the book works as a manual, revealing instructions on how to reach and maintain this higher level of emotional frequency, by teaching a number of practical, step-by step exercises (A total of 22 revealed in this book) and how to implement them.
"We want you to remember that there is nothing that you can not be, do or have, and we want to assist you in achieving that which you desire....
It is our absolute promise to you that your life will improve as a result of these 22 processes."