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There is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic...
-Wallace D. Wattles

The book is called, A Happy Pocket Full Of Money and it's written by David Cameron Gikandi.

The actual subtitle of the book is: "Your Quantum Leap Into The Understanding, Having And Enjoying Of Immense Wealth And Happiness."

It explains the very real relationship between science and spirituality in the most uncomplicated way. It's the kind of inspirational book about why we are here that you always wish existed but thought it never did.

The subtitle is more than just a figure of speech this book shows how recent discoveries in theoretical physics are actually relevant in the creation of personal wealth.

Using a step-by-step approach and explained in straightforward language, A Happy Pocket Full of Money discusses these fascinating insights and lets readers see how their act of observation can actually affect that which is being observed a profound view with much bearing on those who want to create wealth.

Here's a list of the subjects covered in "A Happy Pocket Full of Money:"

* Money: An Illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else

* Quantum Physics: Knowing What You And The World Are Made Of

* Truth About Time: It Does Not Exist Except As You Say It Does

* Images Of The Mind: The Blueprints Of Life

* Thinking And Speaking: The Instructions Of and For Life

* Goals: The Roadmap To And In Wealth

* Being: First Cause, The Beginning

* Acting: That Which Receives

* Certainty: The Most Powerful Force And Antidote To Failure

* Cause And Effect: The Most Prime Law Of The Universe

* Conditions: They Are Fantastic Illusions

* Success: You Can Never Fail

* Want Not: Desire, But Never Ever Want

* Purpose: Why You Are Here

* Giving: It's What It's All About

* Gratitude: Seals The Deal

* Consciousness: You Experience What You Are Awake To

* The Self: The Architect Of The Universe

* One: All That Is

* Abundance: You Have It All

* Happiness: Life Is Joy And Joy Is Life

* Money: How To Use The Symbol

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