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The moment we fully and vitally realize WHO AND WHAT WE ARE, we then begin to build our own world even as God builds His.

It is Being that projects itself into ex-istence. Being, acting through its own intelligence, prompted by love, projected by will, goes out and takes form. We cannotsay that it enters into form, for until it projects itself into existence there is no form^ but form comes by virtue of Being, the selfexistent Principle of Life and Power manifesting itself in existence.

So in a sense Life, which is one with Being, is the soul, and form, of whatever nature the body. Only as Being projects itself into existence are we able to know it. We can know the fact that Being is^ but only as it manifests itself in form are we able to know it itself.

Being is is not many. As Being is the source of all Life, there is, then, only one Life, and this Being is the Life of all. " The one Divine Being; and this alone is the true Reality in all Existence, and so remains in all Eternity." And there is nothing real that is, or, indeed, that can be, outside of it.

True, then, are the words of one of the most highly illumined philosophers of moderntimes—" Thus we have these two elements : Being, as it is essentially and in itself; and Form, which is assumed by the former in consequence of Existence. But how have we expressed ourselves? What is it that assumes a form ? Answer : Being, as it exists in itself, without any change whatever in its inward. Essential Nature. But what, then, is there in Existence ? Answer : Nothing else than the One Eternal and Unchangeable Being, besides which there can be nothing."

This Being which is Infinite is in truth,then, the Infinite Being, and this Infinite
Being is what we mean by God each using the term that appeals most to himself.Literally, • the I Am, as is signified by the name Jehovah, which is derived in the Hebrew from the word To Be. God, then,is the Infinite Being, the Infinite Spirit of Life which fills all in existence with himself alone, so that all is He, since He is All. If God is all, then all must be He, and from this fact there is no escape, and no other conclusion can be arrived at which does not do violence to all rational thought.

Ralph Waldo Trine
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