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What's Inside?

Chapter I

The Inner Strategies of a Millionaire's
“You are not limited to the
life you now live. It has been
accepted by you as the best
you can do at this moment.
Any time you're ready to go
beyond the limitations
currently in your life, you're
capable of doing that by
choosing different thoughts.”

  • Attitude Is Everything by Jim Rohn
  • Accept No Limits by Vic Johnson
  • Rich People Believe “I Create My Life” – Poor People Believe
    “Life Happens To Me.” by T. Harv Eker
  • The Law Of Abundance by Brian Tracy
  • Read All The Books by Jim Rohn
  • Is Opportunity Monopolized? by Wallace D. Wattles
  • Change Begins With Choice by Jim Rohn
Chapter II

How Do Millionaires Set And Achieve
Their Goals
“All successful achievements are
the result of a predetermined
goal. The goal acts as your
guide – the compass that directs
your course of actions to your
desired result.”

  • The Piano Principle by Brad Yates
  • Discovering Your Talents by Brian Tracy
  • Six Ways To Turn Desires Into Gold by Napoleon Hill
  • Actualize Your Unique Goals For A Life Filled With Happiness And Success – by
    Mark Victor Hansen
  • Focusing And Acting On Your Dream by Les Brown
  • Is Your Goal Worthy Of You by James Ray
Chapter III

How Millionaires Direct Their Financial
“Your goal now acts as
your compass to make
sure your feet are moving
toward your destination.
And your motivation now
acts as fuel to keep you
moving even when you’re tired and
everything around you tells you to stop.”

  • It’s Easy To Earn Money by Bob Proctor
  • The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason
  • The Most Important Skill You Must Learn... by Jason Oman
  • Fail Your Way To The Top by John Assaraf
  • How To Turn Nothing Into Something by Jim Rohn
  • Rich People Are Committed To Being Rich – Poor People Are Uncommitted To
    Being Rich by T. Harv Eker
  • The Money Tree Formula by Robert Allen
  • The Power Of Focus by Mark Victor Hansen
  • Success Is Easy, But So Is Neglect by Jim Rohn
Chapter IV

How Millionaires Build Relationships
They Need

“One of the greatest forms of financial
leverage is contacts Knowing
the right people and being
known by them can open
doors for you that can save
you years of hard work. The
quality and quantity of your
contacts and your
relationships will have more
to do with your success than
perhaps any other factor.”

  • The Law Of Association
  • Be Willing To Be A Little Outrageous To Get What You Want! By Lisa Jimenez,
  • Plus Your Relationships For Personal, Professional And Universal Success by Mark
    Victor Hansen
  • How To Create A Great Mentoring Relationship by Denise Michaels
  • Seeking Out Quality People by Les Brown
  • Success Programming by Randy Gage
  • How To Ask For Anything You Want by Mark Victor Hansen
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