Make Money Online With CPALEAD - The Fastest Way To Earn Money Online

Everyone is familiar with CPALEAD, one of the most successful incentive based networks available nowadays on the Internet. If you haven’t heard you better check them out at

So what is all this buzz about CPALEAD?

CPALEAD has won such a big sympathy from almost every publisher because of its easy to use navigation, excellent support and overall good earnings. Whether you have a movie site or a site where you provide a useful download, you can actually lock the content (by simply adding a short javascript code generated from your cpalead panel) and once every visitor tries to download that file, he will be requested to fill in a survey then after completing the survey he will be able to download the desired file.

If you have something which is in demand, you better lock it up with cpalead!
How much can I earn with cpalead?

That’s the dumbest question anyway I’ll try to give a short explanation, asking how much you can make with cpalead its like asking how fast you can drive a Ferrari, with only one difference, a Ferrari has a speed limit whereas the potential to earn money with cpalead is unlimited.

How to make money with cpalead?

Alright let me explain in details each of the below mentioned ways how you could earn money from CPALEAD:
Movie / TV Shows site

Visitors who watch movies online or tv shows are not aware of how actually others are making thousands of dollars per day by those means! They would do anything (literally!) to watch their desired episode, even filling out a mobile lead which pays you up to $10. Even though the competition is tough, there are possibilities if you know how to play this game.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming its another way to make some fast cash with cpalead. You could stream online a big sport event ( a football match or an UFC fight) and while the match is being broadcasted, you could lock the page and they would complete even 4-5 surveys just to watch their favorite football team (aka soccer). Methods to drive traffic for this way are mostly social networks such as Yahoo Answers, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook but even live streaming sites such as or Ustream.

PC (Pay Per Click)

Even though this method requires an upfront investment (or you could always find some adwords vouchers) it might be extremely profitable if you know how to play your cards. Its all about testing and tweaking, once you have done a good keyword research, you bid on each of them and see which converts better. You bid a few cents and see whether you are getting significant amount of clicks, if not then try to increase it but make sure your EPC (earnings per click) on Cpalead is greater than the one on your Adwords account because you will end up losing money.


If you do a research, different e-books get quite a nice volume of traffic each month and the competition is not too big, dont forget you are goint to compete with the e-book title so less competition. Once they go to your site you could lock your e-book with the cpalead getaway and they would have to complete a survey in order to download the file.

Game Cheats

Find out which are the most popular games around as everyone will be looking for cheats, make sure you post information about the game, some tutorials, some youtube videos and lock it up with cpalead.

You should: Use Strict EPC for your surveys (widget tab -> modify surveys) if you want to get the highest converting surveys available and dumb the ones which are not converting well.

You shouldn’t: Lock your homepage, let the visitor surf your site so he can actually feel its the real thing, then when he clicks download or watch the content getaway will pop up.

You should: Use a custom made getaway design for better conversions. I have tested both methods and I have seen that a default getaway gets like 7 % less conversions than a custom one.

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