How To Connect With Your Higher Self

How To Connect With Your Higher Self

Author: Hanameel Papellero

ALL of us are moving through an invisible sea of thoughts. Whatever thoughts we put into our mind can result to action. If our thoughts dwell on poverty and illness, we will draw the negative energy that we desire. If we elevate our thoughts to a higher level of frequency that is by living through our higher self, we will reap the harvest of harmony and prosperity because that\'s what our thoughts are projecting toward the arena of the universe. Truly, the world outside is just a reflection of the world you have created inside. You are the creator of your own circumstances. It is up to us to think in the most positive ways so that we can help ourselves and others around us, whether they are our loved ones or strangers.

To Help You Connect With Your Higher Self , Ponder the following words:

  • Patience. Patience is a rare commodity in today\'s world. Everyone seems to want everything right now. Aggressive and impulsive behaviour are appreciated especially in business, sports and entertainment. But we really miss the spiritual boat, when we try to make things happen. Everything comes to us in its own time. When you possess patience you are really in control of your environment. When you act impatiently you actually can have an adverse effect on a situation. Sometimes the course is to do nothing and let the situation mature and develop in its natural way. As you learn to be more patient, you will feel less stressed and scared about life, and more mindful about the decisions you make.
  • Joy and Laughter. We seem to equate spiritually with severity. But being spiritually disciplined does not mean that we have to live a serious life. I find that people with a sense of humor have more joy and give more money to others. Seeing the brighter side and lighter side in all things helps to keep the child within oneself alive and happy. If we are living a God-filled life, it is only natural that we would express joy, laughter, enthusiasm and happiness. After all, how can we give the dense, mundane material world so much importance? Remember that our spirit body is light and buoyant; only our physical world is heavy and fixed. Why bogged down in temporary earthy conditioning? When we discover the humor and delight in God\'s world, we feel the joy of spirit our higher eternal self.
  • Wisdom. It is knowing that God-consciousness resides within you, and you have all the love, light and power of the infinite at your disposal. In order to be wise, you must become fully aware of the laws of the universe and live your life in accordance with these universal law. Wisdom does not come from a book but through the experience of lifetime after lifetime. Each experience is embedded in your soul consciousness to be perfected through the course of your lives on earth. It is an irony in life that the wiser you become, the more you realize how little you really know.
  • Love. It is the greatest component of life. It unifies everything. It attracts and draws to us all that is good. Through love we become more aware and responsive to the needs of humanity. Shine your light to the far ends of the earth so that everyone can see it. When you do, your journey here will have been worth. Then you can return to heaven with the knowledge that you have done your part in bringing God\'s energy to earth. You will know that you, one soul have left the world a better place.

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