How To Fulfill Your Destiny – 5 Guides To Help You Do It

How To Fulfill Your Destiny – 5 Guides To Help You Do It

Author: Hanameel Papellero

Why am I here on earth? Is life only for mechanical routine? The Bible states that God has a purpose for each of us. We were not born by chance, nor by mere coincidence. We are here, as being sent to earth to fulfil our destiny, our purpose, our mission.

How do we know we are fulfilling our destiny as planned by God? The following are some guides to help you know that you are fulfilling your destiny.

1. Become a man or woman of prayer. Prayer brings intimacy with God. The closer your fellowship with the Lord, the more you\'ll sense God\'s heart and desire for your life. You are then more receptive to His specific direction concerning your destiny.

2. Get to know yourself. Many people make important life decisions without really stopping to ask themselves these questions: 'What do I really enjoy? What do I want out of life?' Before you decide your life\'s path, remember that you are not responsible to follow your parents or friend\'s plan for your life. These are choices only you can make.

3. Become emotionally healthy. Do you find yourself fulfilling into a cycle of failure in some areas of your life? This could signify that you need some emotional healing. This is an important aspect of succeeding in life. Because emotional hurts and wounds can leave you crippled with fear, and afraid to take risks of any kind.

4. Start doing it. As you gain more and more confidence in God\'s calling for your life, take steps toward your destiny. They may be small steps at first, but that\'s ok. Believe you can do it, and go for it. Also keep in mind to expect God to provide for what He has planned for you.

 5. Never give up. You can be sure that you will face challenges in your quests for God\'s best. The enemy will resist you, and even your friends and family may not always understand. You do not fulfil your destiny by sitting on the side-lines looking on, nor wishing it in. You do so by taking the necessary steps that will propel you into your destiny. You may ask this question: 'How do I know that I am fulfilling my destiny?' The answer is 'You will know that you are fulfilling your destiny when you can say to yourself without a doubt this feeling: There is nothing that I would rather do than what I\'m doing right now.'

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