How To Stay Positive In Your Work Environment

IT has been said that self-esteem and positive affirmation about one’s self are the spiritual seeds of happiness and success. You cannot love other people unless you love yourself. Positive attitudes are like water and sunshine to the plants: as they are also the important nourishment of one’s well being. Positive energy which ignites the very core of happiness in one’s being, is the vessel that can catapult us and move on whatever challenges and trials in life that may come our way.

According to Dennis Waitley in his book, "The Joy of Working," there is growing scientific evidence that shows that positive mental attitudes can create natural “high” to help the individual with stand pain, overcome depression, turn stress into energy and gather the strength to persevere. Positive thoughts produce endorphins which are responsible for making one feel good about one self.

To be an optimist or a pessimist is a choice. However, there’s nothing like being an optimist. Why? Optimist people are happy, satisfied with themselves, successful in getting what they want from life. It’s difficult to ignore the vibrant energy of an optimist because its aura is contagious. He or she radiates pulsating energy, good humor and take life with joy in his or her heart. On the other hand, being a pessimist has a downtrodden energy. Waitley remarks: “Pessimists are people who are having negative attitudes. These attitudes spread like flames in a forest fire. They can literally destroy a company-scorch inter-personal relationship, single the growth of creativity, chart the efforts of an entire project. Usually, pessimist people are profoundly unhappy individuals, racked by frustration and loneliness.

To make our life miserable or pleasant depends entirely upon us. It’s choice. Each one of us is in charge of our life. Waitley comments: “it’s not your boss, your job, your parents, the breaks that create your attitude. It’s you! How you think and how you react is totally up to you. During every moment of your life, you program your attitude to work for you or against. Attitude is a neutral mechanism. We are not responsible for what happens out there, what others do or think. We are responsible only for how we choose to respond. That’s our attitude. The responsibility for us is ours.

Staying positive may not be so easy since we are subject to the rising and falling of our moods and sometimes we can’t choose our environment, Waitley offers the following insights on how to stay positive specially in your work environment.

1. Avoid pessimist. Misery loves company. Negative thinking poisons the atmosphere. It’s dangerous to the spirit as well as to the body. The best way to remain optimistic is to associate with other positive thinkers.

2. Don’t be ‘grudge collector.’ Too many people spend too much time every day thinking of past hurts- the time they were past over promotion, how office politics messed up on a chance for a raise. They imagine vividly in their minds every grudge. Use instead your excellent mind and superior ability to self- image, to create scenes of positive, pleasing emotions.

3. Wake up happy. Optimism is a learned attitude. Start thinking positively early in the day. If the alarm sets your nerves jangling, wake up to music. Avoid listening to the morning news. It’s invariably depressing. Listen instead to an all-music radio station or to your favourite tape cassettes on your way to work. Remember: “People who know the secret of a positive attitude realize it’s in their power to make today the best day possible.

To get more tips on how to stay positive, read the The Joy of Working by Dennis Waitley.