The Joy Of Giving Freely

THOSE who give have all things; those who withhold have nothing. This Hindu proverb can be more substantiated with the saying, “What goes around, comes around.”

The sages say: “The more you hold on to what you have, the less you are able to receive the wonderful bounties of life. The more you give in life, the more blessings will be showered upon you. this can be supported in this analogy: “When you clench your hand, holding tightly to what your treasure out of fear or not having enough, your hand cannot receive even greater treasure that are coming your way. But when you open your hand, freely sharing what you have with love and joy, your needs in life are met.

Have you noticed that when you render services to others, no matter how small it might be, our hearts leap with joy. Like for instance, when we give way to someone, especially on traffic jams, there’s that nice feeling within us. Though not all the time the receiver of our goodness does acknowledge, yet we can feel that tiny spark in our hearts that spells a lot of difference in this world.

MJ Ryan, in his book, “The Giving Heart,” writes that when we are out of touch with our giving hearts, the natural flow of generosity within us will be obstructed, especially when we cling on to this possession. We don’t realize that holding them tightly because we don’t want to lose them, actually makes us miserable.”

When we give with pain, that will be our fire of baptism. But when we give freely, our cup will be overflowed by the Almighty because we share what we have with others. Our giving should not be conditional. When we give something to someone, there should be no expectation in return, your blessings will come back to you in some form.

When the call of giving knocks at your heart and you listen to it, a new sense of purpose in your life unfolds. Why? Because generosity softens the heart. According to the sages it will lift your spirit and your feelings become more abundant than you ever have. On the other hand, when you hold on, you hold back the natural flow of giving. Your heart becomes harder.

A study reveals that volunteering one’s time increases one’s energy, self-esteem and sense of mastery over life. Generosity indeed a peaceful way, when you are generous with others in loving, you also receive the blessings of life in its bountiful ways. And you feel bliss.

Why not ask yourself these questions to guide you to grasp the magic of giving and make your life worth living: “How can I serve? How can I be loving in this particular moment? The answers lie in your heart. Act on it.