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Although there is no shortage of books that attempt to explain Ayurveda medicine (a system that originated in India about 5000 years ago) to a popular audience, the author, instructor at the Ayurveda Holistic Health Center in Bayville, NY, claims that this is the first English-language textbook on the subject. However, he does little to simplify this complicated system and goes into too much detail not only for average readers but for health practitioners who want to learn more about this form of treatment. Many of his statements seem far-fetched (e.g., can the color orange really help with menstrual cramps?). Organization is poor; for instance, information on therapies for diabetes is spread throughout the book rather than being concentrated in the section on diseases. Perhaps the most useful information here is the list of Ayurvedic resources and the glossary containing clear definitions of many of the terms used. Better choices for books on Ayurveda medicine include titles by Vasant Lad (Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing, Lotus Light, 1990) and Deepak Chopra (Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, LJ 6/15/93). Recommended only for libraries with extensive collections in alternative medicine.?Natalie Kupferberg, Arizona State Univ. West, Phoenix
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"A comprehensive, detailed primer for serious students of Ayurveda."  —Bodhi Tree Review
"A client health history form as well as an Ayurvedic glossary."  —Natural Pharmacy
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Here is an all-inclusive reference to ayurveda beneficial for families as well as health practitioners. Included are the basic principles of ayurveda; its history; and a generous selection of therapies including herbs, nutrition, aromas, meditation, colors, gems, exercise, special message techniques, and rejuvenating measures known as pancha karma. Pathology and diagnosis are covered in plain English along with a discussion of the most commonly used ayurvedic herbs. Other new information includes ayurvedic hatha yoga, general healing, pregnancy and post-partum, and stress reduction.
About the Author of The Ayurveda Encyclopedia
Swami Sadashiva Tirtha is the founder of the Swami Narayan Tirtha Math Hindu monastery. He is the author of Ayurveda Primer and Bhagavad Gita for Modern Times. He lives in New York.

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