Complete Idiot's Guide to Vitamins and Minerals Free PDF Download

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Part 1: The Vital Keys to Good Health
Part 2: The A to K of Vitamins
Part 3: Minerals: The Elements of Good Health
Part 4: Exploring Other Supplements
Appendix A: A quick reference chart for common health problems such as acne, colds and insomnia
Appendix B: Resources (includes addresses and phone number of that company/organization) for Finding nutritionally oriented physicians and other health care professionals in your location, Nutrition and the elderly, Testing labs, Supplement manufacturers, Supplement information and regulation, Federal Regulation and Industry association & help for medical problems
Appendix C: Includes a in-depth glossary of the terms throughout the book.
This book is packed with information and I found this book very useful.
In its introduction, the author explains briefly on why vitamins and minerals are so important for us to stay alive. Throughout the book there are plenty of charts, including many that list good food sources for the various vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. The book also gives tips on how to get the most from your foods and supplements, how to avoid problems like overdoses or bad interactions with other drugs or supplements. It also includes a sidebar with a duck character letting you know what supplements don't work or what to avoid because it doesn't work.
Anyone interested in learning about nutritional supplements should read this book!
It covers all of the basics about supplements, why we need them, and what benefits they can provide us with for optimum health. You'll see all of the popular vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants and a whole lot more.
I strongly recommend "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vitamins and Minerals" to anyone that has wanted to learn more about supplements, but didn't know where to find reliable information.
This book helped me to get seriously involved in the nutritional supplement field, and I make sure that I keep a copy of it readily available at all times!
By Wayne Wasserman