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Sivananda was the founder of a number of yoga/spiritual centers. There is much wisdom in this book, and a lot of it is very similar to Buddhist thinking (altho there are several major differences). Sivananda lays out not just a philosophy, but a practice, a way of thinking and living that includes yoga asanas and dietary advice. This has components of Buddhism (and other religious thought): an emphasis on unselfish giving, compassion, meditation, and peaceful actions and attitudes. There is (in Vedanta, which is the Hindu faith of which this is an expression) a God, and we are His (hopefully) loving subjects. The approach is different from Christianity however - in this view, God is all, the universe is unified. Vedanta appeals to me because it is kind of halfway between Buddhism and Christianity - a lot of the attitudes and practices have similarities with its fellow India-born faith, but there is a God (and other deities) who presides over us all.

This is not a systematic overview, but more of an introduction that is divided into a few sections (yoga, the mind, celibacy). My main quibble with the book is that there is no glossary, yet Sivananda uses many Hindu (or possibly Sanskrit) terms which are never defined anywhere, and I therefore had to guess at their meanings. Also sections of it are a little quaint, and even laughable from today's perspective. Celibacy was a key part of Sivananda's thinking: "Semen is pervading the whole body . . . The more the wastage of semen, the more is the weakness. . . It is almost universally conceded that the choicest element of the blood enters into the composition of the spermatic secretion . . . a chaste life is essential to man's well-being." Well, maybe for a monk - but how does Mr. Sivananda think that he got here? But I don't mean to make fun of him or his faith. This was a worthwhile book with many moving and powerful passages. At his best, Sivananda is a clear and inspiring thinker.
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