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This is a book about 3 real poor, unemployed but determined people who were chosen by Robert Allen to be trained to become successful real estate investors using creative financing methods. It is a real barn burner of a story. I could not stop reading it. I read the whole book in a day. I just had to know if the 3 people became successful. They did! I especially liked Phillip. He proved that success in business is mostly about digging in and putting a ton of effort every day without fear or procrastination.

Robert Allen is a fantastic writer. I'm not really interested in real estate investment right now, but might do it sometime in the future. I'm involved with another kind of business right now that suits my interests better. However this book is extremely inspiring and motivating for any budding entrepreneur and makes a great read. I think the biggest lesson I learned from this book is that failures are not failures, they are just experiences that you learn from that make you stronger and wiser, and they are the stepping stones to success. If you try and fail enough times, you just have to succeed eventually.
As long as you don't quit, you will always win eventually. The only way you're going to really get good at something is by trying it a bunch of times in different ways until you succeed. I've also learned that it is silly to become discouraged by failure. Only a few people will succeed right away. The rest of us have to work at something for a while until we get good at it and we find the right formula for success.

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