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imageMohandas Gandhi by Anne Todd Description: A series that examines the lives of people who have had a major impact on the history or current practice of religion. This volume follows the life of Mohandas Gandhi, leader of the Indian struggle for independence.
A candid recreation of one the most influential lives of recent times, Mohandas finally answers questions long asked about the timid youth from India’s west coast who became a century’s conscience and led his nation to liberty: What was Gandhi like in his daily life and in his closest relationships? In his face-offs with an Empire, with his own bitterly divided people, with his adversaries, his family and – his greatest confrontation – with himself?
Answering these and other questions, and releasing the true Gandhi from his shroud of fame and myth, Mohandas, authored by a practiced biographer who is also Gandhi’s grandson, does more than tell a story.
With its sweep, its swings between glory and tragedy, the profusion and richness of its characters – and the stamina and resilience of the chief among them – Mohandas tells the great history of an Asian nation’s interaction with a European empire.

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