How To Feel Good

imageTHE river of life is often a winding course. There are twist and turns on its winding path. It’s up to us on how to deal these seemingly dead ends of life. Though sometimes it may appear that some scenarios in life seem to be out of bounce and its solution seemingly dim, but what counts most is to keep our balance in handling these unexpected events or moments in our life with stride. Feeling good is one key to meet the enigmas of life with ease.
The secret to health, wealth and happiness is simply to work at feeling good every single day of our life. This view is expressed by Lilian Too’s in her book, “Book of Gold, Wise Ways to Health, Wealth and Happiness: 365 Daily Reflections to Enrich your Life.”Too’s admits that feeling good comes from feeling confident. It is an inner conviction that you possess the answers you need for understanding, coping and overcoming any tough day that comes your way.
One may wonder that it’s not that easy to feel good all the time, especially in these hard times, when life becomes more complicated. Too’s has her own way of overcoming negative feelings, that is to feel good no matter what. She has the following suggestions:

  • Pretend you are the best. When it comes to attracting good fortune in your career believe you are the best in your field. Pretend, if you have to. When you develop this attitude your inner consciousness will manifest, abilities within you that you never knew existed. Remember, you are a fertile ground of many untapped talents. Do this with all humility that expects to be surprised.
  • Maintaining balance. Hostile scenarios often come as surprises. Do not let intrigues, politicking, problems, or betrayals that force their way suddenly into your existence faze you for longer than an instant. Obstacles to feeling good usually cause a momentary imbalance that can give way to panic reactions that can be unsettling. This can lead to a sudden flow of negative emotion and destructive energy, which manifest in anger and temper. If this happens, focus immediately on maintaining balance. Consciously take a very deep breath, making it especially slow on the out breath. Another technique is to do the opposite of what you are doing when you go out of sync. So if you are sitting down, stand up. If you are standing, take a seat. Make yourself smiling if you are scowling, and smooth the lines on a furrowed brow.
  • Better to bend gracefully than to stand inflexible. The other day I saw a tall, majestic looking tree uprooted and humbled by the unexpected severity of a storm. It was a sad sight. It made me think how the very strength and pride of the tree had made it inflexible and thus vulnerable to the fierce wind and rain. All around the base of the tree, tiny blades of grass were able to bend with the changing winds, survived the stormy weather. How sad, the humble and lowly grass seems so much better equipped to survive the howling winds and rainstorms. Like the grass perhaps we too should bend gracefully rather than stand inflexible in the face of difficult and adverse circumstances.
  • Thinking of sunny days. You can make yourself happy simply by thinking of sunny days. Coming out of winter, the sun seems especially embracing. And even in countries that get bright sunshine all year round people never tire of the joy of sunshine. On days when you are feeling especially low for no reason at all, you are probably missing the vital yang energy of the sun.
  • Creating beautiful appearances. At the heart of feeling good is looking good. Making yourself look good is an excellent way of making yourself feel great. When you make yourself good, you will feel wonderful.
  • Hum a melodious tune. Music will change the vibrations that surround you. Happy songs lift the spirits. Control your moods with music. Make it happy music. Never listen to melancholic music. Singing the blues is like driving the negative forces away.