Tips To Deal Life With Positive Affirmation

imageDo you want to have a happy, vibrant, and prosperous life? If yes, take note of this: use positive affirmations daily. Change your thoughts and you will change your life.
Positive power is a journey into a world of happiness. Brother Craig, the author of the book, “Positive Power,” confesses that positive thinking had a great result in his life. He says: “Positive thinking had made me more confident, giving me more energy, and enthusiasm, and helped me to strive, to achieve great things in order to help many people.”
People are not happy, not enjoying their lives. This is the observation of Craig. He says: “They are tense and uptight. They are sad, lonely and depressed. My grandfather, who lived to be one hundred and five months, used to tell me: ‘Don’t grow old.’ I have no intension of doing that- at least not mentally or spiritually. Having a youthful attitude and to look at life at a rosy perspective, I did a great turn in my life. I listened to my grandfather’s advice.”
There are many benefits in training ourselves to look at and deal life in a positive fashion. Craig offers the following tips:

  • Stay happy and positive. It will keep you youthful. Keep your mind youthful by reading books and magazines or watching or listening on TV and radio on wholesome program that can contribute to one’s growth in a positive way. To keep one’s heart young is to exercise and get plenty of fresh air. It’s keeping you young physically and youthful in spirit.
  • Try to associate with upbeat, vibrant, health-conscious, fun people. Their aura is infectious and you too can have a share of it.
  • Before you get out of bed determine to have a great day filled with positive power, energy, and vibrant living. Say to yourself loudly these thoughts of affirmation: “I am calm, poised, and centered of Jesus Christ; and nothing can disturb the peace in my soul. Every day and every way, I get better and better, and in all ways I am guided, prospered, and blessed. I walk in paths of pleasantness, prosperity and peace. Perfect health and wealth, and true happiness are now mine. Divine substance now manifests for me in everything need, and I enjoy a rich satisfying life.”
However, always remember to give thanks to God to something you want is granted or acquired.
Let’s remember what Marcus Aurelius wrote: “the way we think affects us so much. “So let’s not think negative, depressing, dark and dreary thoughts. If you haven’t started yet, start it now.