Enthusiasm–Your Key To Winning

imageTHE late Vince Lombardi, the famous football coach, was one of a kind who looked life with enthusiasm. Whenever he felt that his team was defeated and low-spirited, he would stand before his men, looked at them silently for a long time, and then in a quiet but tense way, he would tell them: “Gentlemen, we are going to have a great football team. We are going to win games. Get that! You are going to learn to block. You are going to learn to run. You are going to learn to tackle. You are going to outplay the teams that come against you. Get that! And how is this to be done? You are going to have confidence in me and enthusiasm for my system. The secret of the whole matter will be what goes on up here.”
He tapped his temple. “Hereafter, I want you to think only three things: your home, your religion, and the Green Bay Packers, in that order. Let enthusiasm take hold on you, beginning now. The players sat up straight in their chair. ‘I walked out of that meeting, ’said the quarterback, ‘feeling ten feet tall.” That year the team won seven games with virtually the same players who had lost ten games the year before. The next year they won a division title and the third year the world championship. Why because added to hard work and skill and love of the sport, enthusiasm made the difference.
The inspirational thought of Lombardi was the adrenalin that made his team fought against all odds in the world of sports. Norman Vincent Peale, in his book, “Treasury of Joy and Enthusiasm,” comments that what happened to the Green Bay Packers can happen to an individual. He says: Stop depreciating yourself. There is a lot that is right in you. Empty your mind of failure thoughts and mistakes and start seeing yourself as a competent person. Eliminate self-pity thoughts .Start thinking of what you have, instead of dwelling on what you may have lost. List your assets of personality and talents. Have a goal and put an achievable timetable on it. Think and practice joy every day and get enthusiasm and live enthusiastically.