Let Go And Bend Like The Bamboo

imagePERHAPS the most damaging attitude that one can have is not knowing how to dance with the tune and tempo of life, especially in hard and critical time. The old adage, “Bend like the bamboo so that your back will not break,” is really a food for thought that one should imbibe in his consciousness. Life is a sacred dance that when movements are truly coordinated and the steps are in the harmony with one another, the essence of graciousness can touch one’s soul and life becomes a celebration. Our life is what we make it, a saying goes. If you want your life to be tranquil and have the prize of peace of mind, it can be yours. But if you want your life to be frantic by toeing the line of rat-race and roller coaster, then it can also be yours. For the choice of what kind of life we want lies in our hand.
In this time of busyness, and demanding era, there is one thing that one should bear in mind. “When things get too much, just let go. Releasing is sometimes the best way to cope with life’s pressure. That is to bend in surrender. Losing does not have to mean the end. As long as you know when to acknowledge defeat, to bow gracefully and wait for happier times, the day will eventually come when you can prevail, then you can enjoy your victory in splendour. Every time you fall down on your face, a valuable lesson is imprinted onto your mind teaching you what not to do wrong the next time. Experience becomes failure cause you loss, but the lessons learned are invaluable. Learn even as you fail.”
Feeling guilty on what has already happened or clinging to the bitterness of the past, doesn’t bring you nowhere. Instead, of moving forward to attain a better tomorrow, it will put us in the rut and paralyze our being. The past should be left behind, especially when the memories it bring only evoke sadness and pain. It is better to come to terms with the now, the reality for the sake of oneself. In the book, “A Time To Be Free,” the author has his own way of letting go by evoking these thoughts: “The past is now behind me. I have come to terms with yesterday and have no fear of tomorrow. My thoughts and energies are directed to the present this place, this day, this moment. Today I neither turn my back on the past nor revisit it morbidly or needlessly .Because I view my previous life from a new vantage point. It has no longer has the power to harm or haunt me. On the contrary, my past has become one of the most valued assets. Certainly it is a storehouse of useful information which can help me to make new connections and to heighten my self-awareness. If I remember the bitterness and confusion of the past, it is unlikely that I’ll ever have to live that way again. Moreover, those memories can aid me in keeping present adversities in perspective; few things these days are as serious as they first might seem. Because of my past experiences, I have become a more understanding and emphatic person. I can often identify with the pain, life-struggles, and unresolved problems of my fellows and perhaps be of service,. From this day on, I won’t allow the past to dominate the present.”
Let’s not squander our time and energy on things we can’t change for it only irritates our being and hinders our way to enjoy a fruitful and blissful living. Instead, after all the effort we have done and nothing good comes out of it, let it go and go with the flow and leave it to God. And when we let go, the struggle ends. Balance in our own chemistry will be at hand and we will keep on moving onward like the water in the river.