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Get what you want at work the first time and every time
Being a business professional is all about managing, motivating, and leading, or, in other words, getting people to do what you want. And, far and away, the most important tool for accomplishing this objective is language.
Written by an internationally recognized expert on business communications, this book offers managers deep insights into the power of language and how to wield it effectively in any organization.
Loretta Malandro arms readers with more than 200 power words and phrases designed to help readers become better managers, leaders, and coaches. She also reveals communication secrets such as emotional triggers, victim versus ownership language, escape phrases, as well as language for "softening the edges," reframing, accountability, and recovering from communication gaffes.
Malandro also provides:
  • Invaluable insights into the emotional power of words
  • Priceless techniques to connect with and move an audience
  • Tips on recognizing "killer words" and overcoming the trouble they can cause
  • An arsenal of strategies, scripts, work sheets, and self-tests for gauging current communication skills and pinpointing weaknesses
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Master the communication skills that allow great leaders to produce extraordinary results.
Language creates reality. Say It Right the First Time reveals the key underlying communication principles that inspire people to perform at the highest levels. It puts you in command of the new language of leadership and provides the communication skills needed to motivate people, move up the career ladder, and handle difficult situations with aplomb.
This comprehensive guide features proven techniques and strategies for raising the bar on accountability, getting your point across, and inspiring others to do the impossible. You'll gain valuable insights into the emotional impact of words and how to use these "emotional triggers" to connect with others. You'll also discover more than 200 power words and phrases that you can use to become a highly effective leader. Armed with these words and the knowledge of how to use them, you will
  • Become an exceptional leader, manager, and coach
  • Inspire others to excellence
  • Respond effectively to difficult people and unexpected confrontations
  • Avoid "killer words" that derail initiative and teamwork
  • Learn how to harness your power to produce high-impact results
Complete with a battery of worksheets and self-tests for assessing your communication skills and tracking your progress, Say It Right the First Time puts you on the fast track for powerful communication and unprecedented results.
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